This is a catalog of books that I read. More than a humble catalog of just 14 books from 13 authors, among 11 genres, it's a retrospective of what literatures have made part of my life and that are part of my tiny library. Each book brought something priceless, being it a curious situation or train of thought (sparking insights in a variety of topics), being it just an interesting story that could happen to anyone.

Some of them, revealed aspects of human nature that I wouldn't have the chance to know by my sole experience (I guess), with acts, thoughts, behaviours that could make us feel so proud and happy with our existence, and some of them, with narratives that could make us feel so shameful and disappointed with our nature. Some of them, helped me to shape my values and some of them were just stories, but all of them, have a special place in my heart, being those that I bought for myself, being those that were given to me.

A book, is a silent friend that is always there, whenever you need it, waiting to tell you something, waiting to take you into a journey, without taking you out of home. How great is that, isn't it? Yes, it's wonderful.

May this humble website be also a way of presenting interesting authors to whom I hold great admiration and their books, which are true gifts to humanity, before, now and ever, with all my gratitude for the rich inheritance that they represent.

Ivan Leon